Tuesday, March 24, 2009


What a fun weekend we had! There is nothing like getting the cousins together
and letting them play until they drop. We rented a condo in Moab instead
of a hotel and it was perfect. Elise even planned an easter egg hunt for all
the kids. This was my first time in Moab and I didn't get to see too much
because of the marathon and then the exhaustion that followed, so I would
love to go back one day and see all the sights!

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Moab 1/2 Marathon

Well, I finished my 2nd 1/2 marathon. Now I guess I can say I've ran a marathon! j/k But really my sister in law Katie says it best when she says we ran the FULL 1/2 marathon! These pictures were taken just as I crossed the finish line and I am really holding onto Tim so that I don't pass out! I am so glad I did this marathon and I hope to do another one day, but not for awhile. I really didn't get to prepare for this marathon since I spent 6 weeks after st. george sick and then the last 3 weeks with a broken rib-courtesy of Davis. From the first mile I was thinking things like, "What the heck am I doing", and "I think I want to die right now so that I don't have to run anymore", and "this is excruciating!", and my favorite "Why did I PAY money to do this?" I did have a stretch between miles 9-11 where I felt really good though. I was in a good rhythm and those thoughts went away, at least until we came out of the canyon. About a block from the finish line I was feeling like I was going to throw up and/or pass out and I wanted to stop and walk across the finish line. Just then my sweet sister in law Elise jumped out of the crown with her daughter Brinley and they ran across the finish with me. Then I just had to focus on not crying, especially when I saw Tim and the kids in the crowd (I didn't think Tim was going to be there because he was back at the condo watching all the kids). All in all, it was hard, but I'm glad I did it (in 2 hours 26 minutes) and maybe one day I will break the 2 hour mark!

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My Girl

Emmary is such a funny girl! We truly get a kick out of her everyday! This top picture is Emmary asleep. The polka dot thing is her bum. Don't worry, she is breathing!

This is a picture of Em and I at the UTAH gymnastics meet. Emm loves gymnastics, which is a good thing since she has the body of a rubber band. She is very excited to start gymnastics class this summer. She sat on my lap the whole meet and she loved watching the girls flipping through the air.

Emmary isisted on wearing her halloween clothes the other day. Oh well!

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Boys really are more trouble!! Emmary never did strange things like flush cold medicine down the toilet, run out of the house and ring the doorbell of a stranger, or grab the toothpaste and get it all over the place!! Davis is truly a handful, and like the blogging mom I am, I took these pictures before getting upset. I just had to document it!
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Monday, March 9, 2009

The Worst Day of my Life

I truly mean the title of this post. Sunday was the worst day of my life! I will tell you a little story of why I say that. We were getting ready for church and I was in the bathroom, my parents were in their room, and Tim was downstairs with the kids. He put Davis' shoes on and then went to find Emmary to get her shoes on and to get the church bag packed. A few minutes later I came down stairs to put my shoes on and I saw Emmary and Tim but no Davis. I asked if Tim knew where he was and he said no. I felt sick inside immediately but told myself to calm down. The front door was closed and I thought he wouldn't have gone outside and shut the door behind himself right? I went around the house calling his name but it was so quiet. If any of you know our boy, quiet and him don't go together. I searched the garage and we opened the front door and didn't see him outside. I checked the backyard and basically everywhere else in the house and I was really starting to freak out becuase I knew in my heart that he was not there. He had gone outside. Once again, for those of you who know, we live on what we like to call I-70- 7000 south is a major busy road with traffic all the time. Big cars and my little boy don't mix well. I told Tim to run one way down the road and I went the other to check the side of the house. He was no where in sight so I ran back inside to check the closets. Emmary did this to us once and it turned out she was asleep in the closet. He wasn't in the closets. So I yelled at my dad that Davis was missing and to help us search or call the police. I ran out of the house again and went the opposite way of Tim just screaming Davis' name. I got to the corner and started to go around the block and across the street and I saw him standing in someone's yard with a lady that lives there. He just pointed at me like,"Hey! There's my mom. Hi mom!" I was crying and hysterical by this point and I ran and grabbed him. The lady told me he had rung her doorbell and when she answered he was just standing there happy as can be. I scooped him up and just cried and cried and told her thank you. Then I had to run back towards the house to tell Tim that I had found him. I forgot to mention that Davis kicked me a week ago and cracked my rib, so this was very painful to run with him, but I was so happy to have him safe that I didn't care. I was shaking for hours afterwards and I just about threw up. I can't even imagine what it must feel like to lose a child. Well, I can, but I got mine back. While I was running around though I kept thinking that this can't be happening, yet this does happen. I thought someone had taken him and that helpless feeling still makes me sick when I think about it and think about what could have happened to him. We said a prayer to thank our Father in Heaven for keeping our little boy safe and for helping us to find him. So parents who read this- give your kids an extra hug and kiss today and give thanks for having a safe day! I was so upset last night that I put up a fight to bring Davis into our bed because I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking that I would wake up and he would be gone. I won and we all slept great. And we put a child lock on the front door and keep it deadbolted at all times! I love you DAVIS!!!

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Utah State, Hey Aggies all the way!

For some reason, picassa didn't include this picture, even though it was in my tray and starred. Whatever. I will just say that the game was so fun!!! We had really good seats next to the student section, but we didn't have to stand the whole game- horray! and we were on the 9th row so I didn't need my glasses! We went to just about every home game in the 3 years while we lived in Logan and it was just as fun as we remmeber- except the fans are ruder than they used to be! Here's some examples: When the line-up is called for the opposing team, they all turn around and ignore them; when someone of the opposite team fouls one of our players they all point to him and chant "you, you, you" this wasn't new except they added on to the end a loud "SUCK!"; and finally when the coach of the opposite team complained (we were very close to their teams bench) the fans would all point and chant "stupid, stupid!" I guess there is a reason that the Aggies have gone 2 straight seasons undefeated at home and have one of the best home win records in the country!
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Tim and I went up to Logan on Saturday and it was so much fun! We haven't been up there for 2 1/2 years and it has changed a lot, but we have special feelings for Logan. We started out by going to Gossners and getting some squeakey cheese and flavored milk, then we went to Cafe Sabor for dinner. I realized at that time that the batteries were dead in our camera so we don't have any pictures of those places :) Then we went to the store for batteries and drove past our old places- we lived in 2 different basement apartments but they were next door to each other. Then we decided to walk around campus.
It was freezing cold and it was spring break so we didn't get to see any friends while we were there but that was okay. It was nice to just have alone time. We love the quad and the open space. It was fun to reminess while we walked around.
I drank about 4 glasses of water at the restaurant so I really needed to find a bathroom, but all of the buildings on campus were locked. I said we needed to go to the engineering building because those engineers never go home- spring break or not! Sure enough the building was open, and sure enough there were students there! Gotta love those engineers:)
This is the education building where the bulk of my classes were held. I also worked as a peer advisor for the psychology department my last year in this building. Fond memories of this building- most of them involving Sharon!
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

St George

We went to St. George last weekend to visit some friends and to go to the Parade of Homes. It is a fun family tradition and this year was no exception. The weather was beautiful most of the time, and it just felt like we were home. I still do consider St. George "home" and I can't wait for Tim's company to open their office so that we can go back, but for now I am having a better attitude about being in SLC. St. George is a very hard place to be right now and unemployment is so high and there is a lot of stress in the air about job security and home values, etc. I am grateful that Tim has a good job up here and that he is so busy. I will enoy our time here and have a good attitude from here on out. We are trying to take advantage of all the fun things there are to do up here and we are liking being able to see friends and family more. Here are just some pictures I took from the home show.-A lot of ceiling work this year- I loved it!
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Fun Times

These are just some random pictures from the last couple of weeks. The best part about living in SLC (besides the live-in babysitters!) is being close to the Mandarin restaurant in Bountiful. This is our favorite restaurant and it was so fun to go on a date with my sweet sweet husband!

Here is Davis before church one Sunday. He got this cute suit for Christmas and I realized that I didn't have any pictures of him in it. He wouldn't sit still so the pictures are a little blurry, but oh well. Isn't he so handsome?!?

And just chillin in a box. Who needs toys when you have your blanket, a binkie and a box?

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