Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What a Day Wednesday!

This is pretty sad that it has taken me a whole week to write about our exciting day LAST Wednesday, but hey, I do the best I can! So, poor Emmary had to have a tooth extracted and it was a pretty traumatic experience for me. I did not enjoy giving her Valium and then watching as the Anesthesiologist gave her a shot in the arm to sedate her, and I especially did not like watching my child come out of the anesthesia. I hope we never have to do this again. Emmary was such a trooper though and she handled it so well. She recovered fast and enjoyed relaxing and watching movies all day. Well, not movies plural because she just wanted to watch Hercules again and again, but you get the idea :)

Her left side swolen and a little bruised.
Now to the second half of our exciting day. A car took out the telephone pole in front of our house- Well, luckily the neighbors house. It's always an adventure living on 70th south. This accident was pretty intense because we watched it happen and we ran out to help the guy and had him sit on our lawn for a few hours. He fell asleep at the wheel. I really did feel bad for him. How many of us drive drowsy when we know we shouldn't? Anyway, here is the lesson of the day. Be alert or you might take out a telephone pole and shut down a main road for 8 hours. Oh, and we didn't have power, phone, cable, or DSL the whole night. My kids thought it was super fun to use flashlights and pretend we were camping. I doubt you saw the accident on the news because that was the day Ted Kennedy died- lame!

This is the Jeep throught the neighbors fence. Notice if you will the T shaped pole bouncing in the air with nothing under it. The other half of the pole is next to the vehicle.

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