Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We had our first camping experience this weekend. It was a lot of work, but it was nice to get up in the mountains and get some fresh air. It was awesome to have 4 extra hands to help keep my kids safe. And my parents had the tent trailer, which made life easier:)
Davis' new obsession: Climbing in and out of the stroller. I documented the steps. First he climbs, then he throws himself over the bar. Take a closer look and the second picture on the top row and you will see his face is twisted- Hilarious! Second step is resting for a minute. Step Three he scoots all the way to the end then flips on his belly, then touches his feet down. Step Four: Applause! Then he starts all over again. This kept him and us entertained for a good hour.
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Emmary's First Haircut and Sleeping

The day after we moved up to WJ we went to Cherry Hill with my parents. I forgot my camera so the only picture we got was Emmary asleep in the car. She looks so weird when she sleeps in the car!! Then I decided to give Emmary her first haircut ever. I was so scared to cut off the curls and I cried afterwords but it turned out okay. Obviously the bottom row are the new pictures. It's still curly but there are no tight curls anymore. But it still curls so wa-hoo!!
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Fun With Friends

Emmary hanging out in our empty entertainmnet center just before moving.

We were so excited to have Sharon and her boys come visit St. George. Our kids played together so well and it was so great to have Sharon come chat until the wee hours of the morning. It was perfect timing because Tim had gone up north to start work while I stayed and packed up the house.

Girls Night!! We went and saw both of the shows at the Tuacahn back to back. It worked out perfect because Shaylah took Tim's tickets and it turned into a girls night out :)

Matthew and Davis would so be trouble with a capitol "T" if they got to see eachother every day! But they are so cute.

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