Tuesday, July 21, 2009

All tuckered out!

I peeked in on Davis napping on Saturday and found him asleep on emm's bed with her blanket and sunglasses. He is so funny.

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Mama's Boy

Davis is such a Mama's boy right now. This is really sweet sometimes, but sometimes it just drives me crazy. I have been blessed with the best husband and father around and if Tim even looks at Davis or touches him some days Davis just screams and cries for me. Bed time is a joke also because he only wants me putting him to bed. Once again, I have a husband who is willing to do the bedtime thing and Davis ruins it by crying for me! I love him and I love that he loves me but some days I just wish he loved someone else as well.

Normally I would never allow a picture of me sleeping to be posted on the world wide web, however this really is a sweet picture. Davis sneaks in our room most nights and comes over to my side of the bed because he knows what will happen if he goes to Tim. I am half asleep most of the time and I just plop him next to me and continue sleeping. Tim took this picture the other morning and I didn't even know it existed until I downloaded the pictures onto the computer. Like I said, Mama's boy.

Davis bouncing.

Bouncing on his bum!

So Big!

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