Thursday, July 14, 2011

Juliet's Favorite Things

Juliet is a whole different child now that she is walking! She still follows me around and cries to be held sometimes, but not as often- which my back and eardrums are thankful for! With all of the walking comes the falling and she has taken some good spills. But all in all, she has taken off and is doing everything in her power to keep up with the big kids...

On the 4th of July Jules went face first onto the cement in my parents backyard. It was one of those really sad falls where she didn't even try to get up- she just laid there crying until we ran and picked her up. That made it sound like we left her there for awhile- we did not! We were just on the other side of the yard is all, and I don't run very fast anymore:) She was supposed to get her pictures taken the following morning, so we had to reschedule that one,but she recovered faster than I thought she would.

Juliet's favorite place to be is outside. Specifically, if she is outside she loves the dirt! She just has a radar for dirt and will find it no matter what. This works well when Tim is weeding the garden, which is almost a daily chore. She loves to "help" and Tim loves the company. It is really cute to watch.

She has also learned to say "cheese" when you pull out the camera. Saying new words is another of her favorite things. She says "hello" like Scooby Do "ra-rooooh" and it is one of the cuter things I have ever seen!

Gunnison was heaven on earth for Juliet! She could be outside, there was lots of dirt to play in, and she had the undivided attention from Brinley. What more could you need?

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Finishing Disneyland

By our last day at Disney we were pretty exhausted. As I mentioned, the premier for the new Pirates movie was taking place, so a lot of that side of the park was closed and/or super crowded. We just rushed through lots, but the one thing the kids spent a lot of time at was Tarzans Treehouse. They walked through a couple of times and just loved it every time. We also did the Pirates ride first thing and they thought that was so cool. We rode the train and did the haunted mansion and the Big Thunder Railroad. Splash Mountain was closed, which was a bummer, but I guess we'll do it next time; which will be in 3 or 4 years when I have the energy again:)

The boat ride was so fun becuase of our tour guide. She was so funny and Emmary was just eating up every word she said. I think she really thought the animals were real until the very end. Juliet is wearing a cute princess dress we got for Emmary when she was 9 months old and Tim and I did Disney without her. Jules looked so cute in it and it was fun to connect the 2 memories.

One of the last things we did was see Assimo the Robot in Tomorrowland. I actually stayed out with Juliet because you couldn't have strollers in and she was asleep, but the kids and Tim said it was so cool and they have been continuing to ask if we can have an Assimo in our house. I say if it will help me clean, I don't care what sort of robot comes to live with us!

And of course the strange name of the road in the middle of nowhere Nevada. We left Disneyland feeling like we were ready to leave, which is a good sign. We didn't leave feeling like we had missed something. We left with no regrets and exhaustion from a good time. The kids have fun memories and they loved most minutes of it, and I couldn't ask for more. It was a learning experience, and now we know things we want to do again, and a couple of things to do different. All in all, I am so happy we went when we did and got to have some good memories with our family of 5 before we become a family of 6!

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