Friday, March 26, 2010

Little Man

Here are some cute pictures of our little man:)

Chowing down on a donught in the car (his dad was obviously in charge here)

Davis and Crush-as he called him- at the aquarium

Being a big boy. I am not pushing potty training at all, but he frequently asks to wear his Diego's and go to the bathroom and use "toilet papers." Plus, it's a cute little plumbers crack picture:)

"Napoleon, go make yourself a dang quesidilla- GOSH!" Davis actually went out like this the other night!

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Friday, March 12, 2010

An Afternoon at the park...

Last week we had a beautiful day where the sun was actually shining and there was no smog in the air, so after the gym I let the kids run around the park. It has been awhile since they have been able to do this and I enjoyed myslef as well. I love that Davis is getting older and i don't have to worry about him falling every 5 seconds. Now I only have to worry about him running off and staying where he's supposed to. As is normal for Salt Lake weather, it was sunny and warm in the afternoon and by the time nightfall rolled around it was snowing :(

Davis was so funny on this bridge. He found the most difficult way possible to crawl across it and was just sweating bullets by the time he got to the other side. I think this is why he crashed when we got home and took an incredible nap!

Just cute Emmary.

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It is so surprising to me that we left St. George a year and a half ago and Bria and Emmary are still BFF's. They talk about each other all the time and they have so much fun the few times a year they get to see each other. Life would be perfect if we could just find a way to have them live in the same city...

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Goodbye "Red One"

This was a sad day for Emmary. We finally had to say goodbye to her favorite blanket. You can see the outer edge on the floor by her feet and the batting coming out all over the place. I know Emmary is a smart girl, but she always called this blanket "Red One"- who knows why. She was so brave when we told her we thought it was time to say goodbye. She just cried for a second and then said, "It's okay, aunt Jeni will make me a new one."

I didn't know Tim took this picture of her putting it in the garbage until I uploaded our pictures to the computer. It makes me really sad for her. She hasn't asked about it since, so she must be stronger than me :)

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