Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Cake!

I have this strange tradition where I spent hours decorating a cake that the kids just eat the frosting off of , but it's fun for the kids. This year Emmary chose Tinkerbell. It's looks pretty good from a distance, however I realized that making cartoon characters is a lot tricker than I thought. The eyes alone took a good hour. I think I'm going to be hating myself in a week and a half when I attempt a Lightning
McQueen cake for Davis. Cross your fingers...

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Emmary turns 4!!

I know all mom's say this, but I can't believe my little girl is 4 years old. I just don't know how it has gone by so fast. Emmary was born at 1:56 am at Logan Regional Hospital on May 3rd 2005. She was 3 weeks early and she came on the first day of finals week! I actually took a final with my water broken and then missed a final on the day she was born. She has changed my life completely and I couldn't be happier. She is not the perfect child, but she is perfect for me (most days:) ) and I am so happy that she is mine. Due to the rain on the weekend of her birthday, we did a party the following weekend. She had her cousins and our neighbors the Hatch's come over for a BBQ and then festivities.

All the kids eating their dinner

This picture is for you Janet. Davis closes his eyes like this when he is throwing a tantrum. He gets a lot of sympathy from Grandma, but Miriam abvously isn't impressed.

Emmary taking a swing at her "PITIATA!" She says this complete with a spanish accent! (yes, I know I spelled it wrong, that is how she says it)

If it wasn't for Carson, I think we would still be waiting for the pinata to spill it's guts!

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Curious George

The other day I put Davis down for his nap and he was so sweet and went right to "sleep" except he didn't sleep at all. Instead he reached up on the dresser and found Emmary's markers and decided to give himself, as well as everything around him, "tattoos." I've said plenty of times that I would love to have one more girl to use up all of Emmary's cute baby stuff, and then have the rest boys because they are not emotional at all. However, I forgot to factor in that boys are trouble!!! Davis is so michevious and into everything sometimes I think I should have named him George with a middle name of Curious :)

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Fun Run

I'm a little behind in blogging, but on May 2nd our family did the Linda Buttars Memorial Fun Run through West Jordan City. Linda was a close family friend and we miss her and love her very much. Tim and I ran the 10K (6 miles) and my parents did the 1 mile walk with the kids in the stroller. This would have been just perfect, but it decided to rain cats and dogs all weekend. It was a fun race, but the turnout wasn't what it would have been with better weather.

Tim and I before the face with smiles on our faces and dry clothes.

Tim and I after the race with forced smiles and soaked to the bone. I think 6 miles is perfect distance for me to run, however, when I am weighed down by my clothes from all the rain it isn't very much fun :)

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