Sunday, September 21, 2008

We're Alive!!!

Yes we are alive and well. We are living with my mom and dad and are working on getting DSL (hopefully this week!)It is impossible to try and blog with just dial up. So if anyone wants to get together we are pretty free. Plus we have free babysitters now!!
Tim's job is going great and he really enjoys this new company. He is working as a civil engineer for a company called Parsons Brinkerhoff- it's on Winchester by Fashion Place Mall. He is doing roads and traffic engineering now and it sure feels good to be employed again. We got renters in our house just 1 week after we moved and things are just working out. Funny story- Tim interviewed with the City of St. George before we moved and they couldn't hire him because they had budget issues and had to put a freeze on hiring. So Tim looked up in SLC and that is how we ended up here now. Tim's 2nd week of work the City of SG called and said they were hiring now and wanted to know if he still wanted the job. He just had to say no thanks. Then, 1 month into this new job he finds out that Parsons is opening an office in St. George and wanted to know if he wanted to transfer down. I said yes at first, but then we realized that we wouldn't be able to live in our house so we decided to pass. They said to let them know if he is ever interested in transfering in the future and we can come back. Isn't life just funny? We believe that the Lord had to work pretty hard to get us out of St. George and now we have had 2 chances to go back and have turned them both down. But we are very happy and enjoying this new chapter in our lives. I will post more pictures soon!