Monday, June 29, 2009


We have had a busy couple weeks. I took off to St. George 2 weeks ago and spent the week with Mel. It was so nice to visit and relax and have some great girl time. Tim was super busy at work and my mom was gone to girls camp (I was also supposed to go but couldn't due to Tim's work schedule). I didn't take one single picture, but we had a great time! I got home and got the kids back to their schedules just in time to pack up again and go to Denver. Tim's brother lives there and we had so much fun with their family. We arrived on Thursday and just relaxed. Friday we got up early and headed to the Denver Zoo.

Our little family at the entrance of the zoo. A pretty good picture- no one is crying:)

Davis' favortie was the giraffes. He is growing like one lately so they had a lot in common!

Apparently it is tough being an elephant these days.

Davis fit right in with the animals by doing the "Ostrich". It is his new way to throw a tantrum. He tries to bury his head in the sand when he gets upset. We find this hilarious and don't expect him to continue this for long since all we do is laugh and take pictures when he starts!

Denver part 2

Can anyone tell me why picassa will only download 4 pictures at a time even though I have more than that in my tray? Am I the only one this happens to? Anywho, our trip continues...

Emmary and Reagan playing dress-up. We need to get her around little princess Reagan more and she may start acting like a girl occasionally!

After the zoo and some awesome naps and a tornado warning/rain/thunderstorm we headed out to Boulder to play.

Emmary and her new best friend Zippy. She had a hard time understanding that his real name is Isaac and we just call him Zippy. Kind of like she has a hard time understanding that she is indeed a human and not a frog!

Tim and the kids on the carousel at the Denver Mills outlets. The kids cried for a full hour after this ride was over :(

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there's no place like home

There's no place like home, or that's what they say. We don't have a home, we are a family of nomads who change addresses every year. Anyway, there's also no place like the strange rest stop in Wyoming where there is a giant Abe Lincoln head atop a large rock. It was the freakiest Abe I have ever seen. The eyes were scary. We stoped to eat our PB sandwiches since it was sunday and let the kids run around and get out some wiggles. This rest stop is the highest elevation rest stop in the country though (8000 ft?)

A lazy Sunday night in the garden. I found Emmary outside in the garden helping my dad pick the peas, or eat them I guess.

So cute, she just loves her papa!

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

the cake- part two

This is the finished product. I was actually really happy with how it turned out. It only took 2 1/2 hours to make because I bought pre made red frosting. Best $2 I ever spent!

Davis blowing out the candles. It was a really warm day and Davis is a sweaty boy. He was red faced for much of the day, but he had so much fun playing with his friends.

Some of the kids cooling off eating popsicles with my mom.

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I'm 2!!!

My little man is 2 years old. We have practiced saying how old he is and he sounds so cute when he says, "I two."

The birthday boy with his hat.

the Zabriskies gave Davis the snuggliest monkey. Davis hasn't let go of it since.

And of course his signing time videos- his favorite!

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Preschool Graduation

Even though Emmary really isn't graduating preschool (she still has one more year) she had a super cute program and she was hilarious!

Emmary with her cap and certificate.

Emmary doing her elephant dance.

All the kids dancing.

This is my favorite. Emmary spent the entire program with her chin up high because she couldn't see at all. It was so funny to watch her.

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