Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I am back in contact with the world wide web! We moved 2 weeks ago to an apartment around the corner from my mom and dad's. It is an old RV garage that has been converted into a 2 bedroom apartment. So we are a little smooshed, but it is wonderful to be smooshed in our own space instead of someone else's. Plus we have a garage for the first time in our lives- wahoo!! We are still unsure what is going to happen with our st. geroge house, but we are hopeful to have an idea soon, whether it be refinance, short-sell, or foreclose. We don't want to go through with the last 2 options, but we will do what we have to do if no one is willing to help us refinance. We can't live with my parents and continue to pay for a home we don't live in anymore. I would choose to just move back into it and continue on with life in sunny st. george forever, but we can't live somewhere where there is no work. Anywho, that is our housing update.

As for the baby, I am finally 30 weeks- those 20's dragged on FOREVER-and am ready for every 2 week apointments. We got our EOB for the fetal echo and it was-you might want to sit down- $900. Yep, $900 for a 15 minute ultrasound that told me there was nothing wrong in the first place. Good thing we have insurance is all I have to say. Plus, I have had 2 ultrasounds at $260 each and will be getting them every 2 to 4 weeks for the remainder of the pregnancy to check my amniotic fluid levels since I have had major issues with that in the past. I think we will meet our deductible before the baby is even born :)

Tim has manged to stay busy at work, which we are very thankful for. In fact he was so busy last week that we had to cut our St. George trip out and reschedule it for this week. I am now counting down the minutes until we can go! That is our update and hopefully I will be able to post more now that the computer is not in the kids' room:)