Thursday, August 6, 2009

And we're off!!!

We're off for a kid-free trip to San Diego with Paul and Janet. This trip was full of lots of firsts for me and some repeats, but it was one of the funner trips we have taken. It is fun to get away with my husband, but it was even funner to be with good freinds. Janet already did a blog post that was hillarious, so I would recommend looking at my pictures, but reading Janet's blog if you want to be entertained!

In the airport, waiting to fly off.

Our first stop was seaport village. It was a cute little village right on the sea, imagine that, and we did some shopping and snacking and lots of laughing.

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Elvis has left the building...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has left the building and is driving down the road on a bike that he thinks has a motor, but it really doesn't. He even has a picture of himself of the back of his bike so no one will have to wonder who he is. Also, he is very traffic savvy and was telling us to slow down here. Paul just had to snap a picture!

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Old Town

Old town turned out to be one of my favorite things. Everything was cheap like Tijuana, but you didn't have to worry about being kidnapped or getting you know what from drinking the water! Plus, everything is funner when your're with fun people and Janet and Paul are hillarious! Tim really regretted not buying that mask. We ate at a yummy authentic Mexican place in the middle of the square of shops and then went back to the hotel and did some swimming and played cards and laughed all night. Playing cards is one of those things that is hard to do with kids around, so I loved being able to just relax and play.

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San Diego Zoo!

Friday morning we woke up, had our free breakfast, and then headed to the zoo. I was so excited for the zoo. I had never been to the SD zoo before. It was so much fun and it turns out you don't need kids around to enjoy looking at animals!

This little Koala was sleeping in the tree. Isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen?

This was the best picture of the day! Watch out for those Lions! I thought only babies could do that :)

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I know what most of you are thinking, "Holly is obsessed with Wicked" and this may be true, but in my defense the San Diego idea was there already when we found out Wicked would be playing. Plus, Paul hadn't seen it yet, so it was more for him than me :) So Friday after the zoo we rested and then got dressed and ready for the show.

Here I am at Outback showing off my shirt before the show.

Outside the theatre two drunk guys offered to take our picture. It was a surprisingly good picture considering the fact that they couldn't even walk straight!

two little love birds!

Janet and I before the show. Watch out for the Nazi ushers if you go to a show in San Diego; an old bitty came and yelled at us for taking this picture. We calmly told her that we didn't get the stage at all, just ourselves. She helped some people find their seats then came back to yell at us some more and told us that the whole theatre is copyrighted for the show and it is a federal offense for us to take pictures in there and we could go to jail. Right, because the cops in California have nothing else to do but arrest people for taking a picture of themselves inside a theatre. Oh, and while she was saying this 10 other people actually took pictures of the stage around us. Some people take their jobs so seriously...

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

La Jolla Beach

The beach day was one of the things I was most excited about! I bought a new swimsuit (and spent way too much money on it) and I laid out a lot so that I had a good base tan down and I was just ready to sit on the beach for a few hours and worship the sun. Well, the sun didn't come out, and it really wasn't all that warm. It was a little dissappointment, but we still got to feel the breeze on our faces and get some sand between the toes!

Paul and Tim contemplating getting in the water. They did end up going for a swim-with all of the surfers. Aparently you are supposed to swim in certain parts and surf in certain parts. The surfers finally told them they were in the wron place, but that was at time same time Tim saw a baby shark, so they were ready to get out anyway!

What a great anniversary! August 1st has always been a special day and it was even better by being on the beach with my man. We took a lovers stroll all the way down the beach and back.

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Sea World

Our last event planned was to go to Sea World. Now, I haven't been to Sea World since I was about 8 and all I remember is that a seagull attacked me and ate my cinnamon roll. I was hoping this time around would be a better experience, but I was wrong. It appears as though everything else in California was closed that day becuase it was so crowded you couldn't even walk around. It was so hot and humid and the really only cool thing was the Cirque de la Mar show. I just don't think Sea World is a great place for kids. But anyway, we did it and here are some pictures from our adventure.

As soon as we walked in a Shamu show was starting so we went right in. I'm sure it takes a lot of hard work to be a killer whale trainer, but cheesy isn't even a word to describe how they were acting. C'mon- do you really need to "high five" every time you turn around? And it wasn't even for cool things they would hi-5 for. The lady who rode the whale and then jumped off his nose into the water- she deserved a hi-5, but these people were hi-5ing for giving the wales a snack! But I'll be honest that I stared crying really hard during this show, when I wasn't laughing at the trainers, because I missed Emmary so much and I knew that she would have loved watching the whale jumping around.

We're putting on happy faces, but we really wanted to go jump in the pool becuase it was so hot!!

I had just called my kids when this picture was taken. I was so sad until I heard Davis throw a fit and then I was okay being on vacation:)

At the very end of the day we got in line for the Atlantis water ride. Janet does not like water rides, she's kind of like her feline friends and doesn't like getting wet, so she sat out and waited for us. We stood in line for 45 minutes and then went on the ride which was pretty fun, but when we finished we were sitting in our boats for a long time and all the boats behind us started lining up and no one was moving. Sure enough the ride broke down! We sat there forever and then finally they had to come around and manually lift up our lap bars. I was so glad we got to ride it before it decided to break!

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Before we flew home we made a stop at the San Diego temple. It was closed for cleaning so we couldn't go on the grounds, but it was still so beautiful and we enjoyed it from outside the gates. A very fitting way to end our trip I thought.

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