Thursday, July 31, 2008

An Update...

"They say the Lord works in mysterious ways, and in my case very mysterious.." ($5 to the first person to tell me what movie that is the opening line for!) We have had a very life changing couple of months. Thanks to everyone who offered so many prayers in our behalf. They have been answered but not in the way I wanted them to be answered. I heard once that when we pray and ask for something we will get one of three answers:
1. Yes
2. Not now
3. I have something better in mind
I guess our answer was number 3 because we have to leave St. George and move up to West Jordan. That is not the worst thing in the world, we are very excited to be close to family and friends again, I just never wanted to leave St. George. I have often times joked around that Tim should just buy me a graveplot because I never want to leave. Life has something different in mind for our family right now. Tim interviewed up in the SLC area while we were up north for the holidays and he got a couple of offers. He decided to take one and it is really so good. He really liked the company and he is able to make SO MUCH more money up there than here. But the downside is that we can't sell our house so we will have to carry part of the costs and rent up north. Luckily he will make enough money for this not to be a financial burden, but it is still emotionally hard to think of someone else living in my home that I built with love. Tim will start work on Monday and I will hopefully be able to join him by next Friday. So for all of you who live in the area, let's hang out!!! I will post more information when I know what is going on, but thanks again for all of your love and support.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

4th of July

We had a fun 4th of July. We went to the St. George celebration and as you can see by the look on Emamry's face, she was so excited to go. She happied up once we got there. We went early to beat the heat, but it didn't quite work. We cooled off in the shade and ate cotton candy. It was the big hit of the day and it was Davis' first time on the taste buds. He couldn't get enough, obviously. They had some fun rides and Emmary loved the swing ride. I actually got a shot of her going around. Then I went down the giant slide with her. After going home to cool off, our friends Jeremy and Katie came over and we grilled and them watched fireworks. All in all it was a fun day! God Bless America :)

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Random Pics

These are just 2 random pictures that I thought were cute. Emmary spilled Toffee chips in our pantry and I went in the kitchen and found Davis chowing down on them. I don't blame him. I would probally eat them off the floor as well!! He just thought it was so neat to have them stick to his hand while he licked them off!

Here are our baby frogs, or as Emmary calls them, "Froggy man!" We got some tadpoles from Gunnison and they all turned into frogs. They really were so cute, but we just can't house frogs right now when we are trying to find a way to house ourselves, so Tim took them down to the river and set them free.

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