Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Never Ending Sickness!!!!

I don't normally post anything without attaching a picture because I know most people just look at the pictures and don't really read the post, but I don't have any pictures today. We have all been so sick around here and I just keep thinking, "When will this end!?!" I have had a cold for about 18 days straight now and my kids have both had pink eye- Emmary woke up this morning with the signs of it again- and Davis had an ear infection at the same time as pink eye. Then, the antibiotic that Davis was on for those gave him diaper rash so severe that he couldn't sit or walk or sleep on his back. The entire surface area of his bum was covered. I tried eveything I could but for 4 days straight it got worse every day. Then-halelujia!- I found some pink swizzle left over from St. George. For those of you who don't live in St. G, pink swizzle is magic ointment and can only be found in St. G. Within 2 hours of his first treatment he was able to run and sit down in his car seat. It has gotten better so fast, but it still isn't gone all the way. In fact, his skin is peeling like a sunburn now that it is healing. Anyway, nothing else exciting here, but I am hoping that we can get over these colds eventually. I can't stand not being able to leave the house-especially when I live in SLC with it's dreary and depressing weather!! I am counting down to our St. George visit in a week and a half :)