Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Update

I finally got some updated pictures taken of Juliet and Davis. It had been waaaay too long since I had done this. So now I will be ready to get pictures taken of the new baby when she decides to show up! I am now 37 weeks, which is when I had Emmary. This is sort of a curse for a first time mom, because once I hit 37 I think I am done, when really I am not:( I went to the dr today and I'm at 2 cm- yeah!- and my fluid levels are normal, so I think this baby will hold out for another week or so. Anyway, Davis did really well for the photo shoot, and Juliet started out okay and then it went downhill from there.
I need to remember when I download pictures to do it backwards so that they download in the order I want. Oh well, this would be funnier, but it is still funny. Juliet was okay in the first outfit, but when we put these pink bummies on her she was MAD! This is when she had finally lost it:)
Even when she cries she is kind of cute....

Did I mention she has the world's longest tongue?

Just my handsome boy.

Such a cute little smile on his face. I wish his had wasn't up or this would have gone on my wall.
I think she was crying, but this is still an adorable shot of those thighs!
I blew up this picture to hang on my wall. When she is sweet she is so sweet. It's just when she's a stinker we wonder where she came from...
Such an innocent face:)

This is the picture of Davis for my wall. He looks so grown up, I wonder how it happened so fast.