Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Inside Our House

We had a request for some pictures of the inside of our house, so here goes: Here are the stairs and the entryway.
Our living room complete with green stripes on the wall (my favorite part!) and the little arch over the door.
Another shot of the living room.
The living room leads into the kitchen/playroom/computer room. I love this room because it keeps all the toys back where they aren't seen the second you walk into the house.
Our kitchen. I really like this kitchen mostly because that door is a pantry- I don't know how we ever lived without one. I also like the island and when my counters are clean, it gives us more counter space than we've had in the past.

All in all, we really love our house. While some people may think that a townhome really isn't a "real" home because you share a wall, I beg to differ. We live on the end and we never hear our neighbors. Plus, we sure have a real mortgage, so it is as real a home as they come to us. Plus, we got brand new for half the price of a brand new free standing home. We are happy with this purchase and hope to have many more visitors in the future.
p.s. I will post pictures of the upstairs one day; I could only get half of the house clean at once!!


Unfortunately, I don't have a picture to attach to this post, but we had a streaking incident at church on Sunday. Let me preface this with saying that Emmary discovered how to take off her diaper on Sunday morning and didn't want to wear it. We encouraged this since it gives us the glimmer of hope that she might conquer potty training soon. When we got to church we sat on the second row and no one was in front of us. Tim got up half-way through the meeting to sing with the choir and decided to stay sitting up on the stand while I shot him looks that very strongly indicated that I would like for him to come back down and sit with the family. He didn't. It is easy to tell when sacrament meeting has hit the hour mark because all of the children start to get ancy- Emmary is no exception. She ran down the row away from me and I tried to focus on the meeting. When I looked at her again she had taken off her diaper and crawled under the bench and up on the bench in the front row. Our little Emmary is sweet, but she's no lady. Needless to say, she didn't notice or mind that her hiny was hanging out while she was running down the bench yelling, "It's time for nursery!!!" I was paralyzed with embarrassment and contemplated not claiming her at all. But like the good mom I try and be, I stifled my laughter and grabbed her and left the room. Never a dull moment with a toddler around!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Yeah for Halloween!! We went for the family theme this year- Goldilocks and the 3 bears. Grandma Diane made all of our costumes- one of these years I'll learn how to sew!! We had a super fun time going trick-or-treating with the Platts. Addie was a swashbuckling pirate and they got way more candy than they needed. I would have to say Halloween rivals Christmas in excitement. Emmary still keeps saying "Trick or Treat" thinking I have a constant supply of candy :)

ST. George Waterpark

After leaving the Farm, we went downtown to see the new water park the just barely opened. It was awesome!!! In addition to a dancing water feature, there is a man made river running through the park with waterfalls, rocks and all sorts of water time fun. It isn't deep enough to worry about, but it turns out the red rock ruins clothes. That cute white shirt she is wearing is no longer white. I even tried the bleach pen, but oh well. I have a feeling this is where we will be spending our summer next year.

Staheli Family Farm

We had such a fun time visiting the Staheli Family Farm!!! Pappa Mark and Grandma Charyl were visiting from Oklahoma and Haley, Craig and kids came down for the long weekend as well. Emmary and Allie had such a fun time- what sweet girls. They got to jump on the "cowboy trampoline", ride the cow train, go down the farm slide, visit the pumpkin patch and pose for some pictures. All in all it was an exciting day.