Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wicked: Take Two

Oh wow! What a night last night! As most of you know, I stood in line for Wicked tickets and Tim and I went to the show about 3 weeks ago. Well, Capitol Theatre is doing a drawing before each show now to "win" prime seats for just $25. Janet works just a block from the theatre and I really wanted to see it with her, so I asked her to come stand in line to try and win tickets. We had been planning it for 3 weeks now, but last night it finally worked out for us to try. We got there early and had a good spot in line. I told Janet that I was feeling really lucky. Now, my mom may win every contest she enters, but that has not been passed down to me. Although, people I am with usually win when I am with them. I informed Janet of this when I told her I was feeling lucky. She was doubtful. We got our names in the cauldron and stood around to wait. The first name they called was a guy standing next to us. The next name was a lady far away. The third name was some other guy standing right next to us. The fourth name was JANET HENDERSON!!! I screamed like a girl, well I am a girl, and was jumping and hugging. I was shaking and in a serious amount of shock. We got up to the front and they thought I was Janet because of my loud display of excitement :) Alas, we paid $25 for our second row seats, got some dinner at the Blue Iguana next door, and laughed and cried as we watched the show. You can check out Janet's blog on my link list for her version, which is much better than mine. I must say that the show was even better the second time around and I am plotting out how I can see it again somehow (not in Utah). The first time Galinda was played by the understudy, but last night we got the real deal and she was hilarious!! Anyway, here are the pictures of our super wicked night!

At the Blue Iguana

At the theatre- some ladies offered to triple what we paid for the tickets, but there was no way we were letting them go!

Our seats on the second row!! It was so awesome!!

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Field Trip

Today was Emmary's first field trip. Her preschool went to the Living Planet Aquarium. The kids just loved it. These are just some fun pictures we took with the kids and some of their friends from the neighborhood. Both of my kids are a year off in age from all of the other kids in the ward, so these girls are a year older than Emmary, but she doesn't mind! The middle picture on the bottom is Davis signing fish. He is so smart!

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

A WICKEDLY Perfect Day!!!

Today is the day I have been waiting 4 long months for. Today is the day I reap the rewards for standing in line for 9 hours on a frigid day in December. Today is the day all of those hours of listening to the same music in the car and on my iPod paid off. Today is the day we went to WICKED!! We had tickets to the 2:00 show- perfect time- and we had tickets in the Grand Tier- best seats in the house!!

This is us at intermission. They are so strict about taking pictures of the set, so we just snapped one of the two of us in our seats. I had just finished wiping my tears from Defying Gravity before we took the shot!

Sharon told me that I just had to buy some kind of memorabelia from the show. I told Tim this and he must really value Sharon's opinion because we walked in and saw the souvenier booth and he so sweetly told me to go pick out whatever I wanted. So I got the I Love Oz shirt. I love it!!

After the show we walked over to P.F. Changs for dinner. Neither of us had ever been there before, but I did run over to P.F's and use their bathroom when I stood in line for the tickets, so it felt like fate for us to go and eat there after the show. We were seated immediately and as soon as we got seated there was a major downpour of rain outside. By the time we were done eating all the rain was gone. We strolled hand in hand down Broadway and then drove home to our sweet kids and dyed easter eggs. This truly was a perfect day!

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Bugs, Bugs, and more Bugs!!

Emmary has discovered gardening. Grandma even got her
her very own gloves. Her favorite part is to find worms. She gets so excited and insists on bringing each and every one to me to inspect.

As Davis approaches 2 he spends more and more time in this mood.

However, this is always the thing that makes him happy again: His Grandma Diane!

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