Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I know this post is from Christmas day, but this was too funny to pass up! Christmas morning Emmary woke up with pink eye. So, after opening presents my mom and I set off driving around the valley trying to find an open insta-care. Once we found one we waited for 3 hours. While we were gone, Tim stayted at my mom and dad's with Juliet and Davis. Before we left my mom laid Juliet down for a nap on the guest bed. Up till this point, Juliet wasn't rolling around so it was safe for her to be on a bed sleeping. Eventually, Tim heard her crying and went in to find she had rolled over and devoured some plants my mom had brought inside and left on the bed. The poor thing! Of course, there were only men in the house, and they weren't quite sure what to do with her, but she survived!

Her poor eyes were red from rubbing the dirt into them. Also, there are little sticky traps in the plants to catch little bugs and Juliet had managed to get that in her hair! When I got home I could still see dirt in the corners of her eyes and I had to pin her down and dig it out. She was happy and laughing and seemed to hold no hard feelings! Lesson learned: if you leave a baby alone with a plant, they will attack:)